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200 high school students will benefit from participating in a new program being offered at Century and Godinez High Schools to prepare students to be college ready. Approved by the SAUSD Board of Education and funded by the SAPS Foundation, the program offered by CollegeSpring is a combination of mentoring and college information sessions and SAT test  preparation taught by Santa Ana teachers.



This year, the SAUSD Teens Arts Council will nearly triple in size. 50 students from all 6 comprehensive high schools have been awarded scholarships to participate in this powerful learning beyond the traditional classroom.  Each school will have student leadership representatives from visual art, theatre, music and dance.  The program is designed off the 2009 IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) report defining various skills as essential to success in the 21st Century and reported on ways museums and cultural institutions could approach the development of models to “help citizens build such 21st century skills as information, communications and technology literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, civic literacy, and global awareness.” While the SAUSD/Bowers/SAPSF Museum Teen Arts Council focuses on career opportunities within the creative industries, the list of Life and Career Skills from the 2009 IMLS study provides a backbone for the program’s curriculum that allows for the exploration of skills that are necessary and applicable across ALL industries.

Participating Students will be engaged in one of 3 opportunities: 2 Beginning tracks which have 4 sessions each and the Artspiration Track comprised of returning Teen Arts Council members who will engage in the development and curation of Artspiration as they explore how to connect the community through the arts and develop a community event. The students will apply content from beginning sessions in real-life context through project-based learning.

Photos of the first day of Santa Ana Unified School District Teen Arts Council (October 12) in collaboration with Bowers Museum and Bowers Kidseum. Thanks to the support of Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation, 50 SAUSD Visual and Performing Arts students from all 6 comprehensive high schools get a chance to explore careers in the creative industries and develop the skill sets necessary to thrive and contribute as arts literate, civic-minded leaders. Participating students are also helping to develop the annual Artspiration event as part of applying the skills they are learning. This is a an extension of their learning in a real life setting


SAPSF Supports 40 Valley High School Students’ Trip to Europe 

Recycling cans and garage sales are just a few of the ways Valley High School students and their families have been raising funds to realize a “dream trip” to Italy, Spain and France to study food, arts, culture, and language. The Foundation’s contribution will fund the students’ cultural experiences and excursions ranging from architectural tours, dance performances, museum fees and transportation. “This experience will open my child’s eyes to the world and possibilities that are unimaginable,” stated one parent. A team of core teachers see this as a way to provide an enriching, “once in a lifetime “ experience for their students.

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Retired SAUSD Administrators Award 7 Scholarships