Adylenne Izaguirre

Adylenne Izaguirre is a graduate of Saddleback High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Adylenne are: Stellar, Resilient, Intelligent, Caring, Resourceful, and Hard-Working. Adylenne has not been afraid to take on rigorous classes and has taken advantage of every academic Honors/AP class Saddleback has to offer. Adylenne has all of the skills and confidence needed to pursue her goals.

Aileen Figueroa

Aileen Figueroa is a graduate of Saddleback High school and is the recipient of the Santa Ana College Promise Scholarship. Always a high achiever who pushed herself to be involved in school, a detemiining experience for her was her enrollment in the CTE Criminal Justice pathway. Through this program, her interest in pursuing a career in criminal justice was formed and it is where she determinined that she would like to be an FBI agent. Her post high school plans include earning an AA degree at Santa Ana College and transfering to a major university for a degree in Criminal Justice.

Alejandro Cervantes-Medrano

Alejandro Cervantes-Medrano is a graduate of Middle College High School. Alejandro was very active in high school: including participation in ASB, journalism, the Student Site Council, AVID, College Bound, as well as completing an OC Biotech Foundation Internship. He received recognition for Student of the Month, Honor Roll, and various Department Awards. Alejandro plans to attend the University of California, San Diego, where he will major in biochemistry. Alejandro states that he wants to work in biochemistry so that he can make a difference in the lives of people dealing with illness.

Berenice Barquina

Berenice Barquina is a graduate of Santa Ana High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words that describe Bernice are: Dedicated, Determined, Ambitious, Hard Working and Resilient. According to her high school counselor, Berenice has been on of the most honest, loyal, and committed students that she has had the pleasure of working with. Berenice will be the first member of her family to go to college, and she is in the process of deciding which college to attend.

Vanessa Landa

Vanessa Landa is a graduate of Godinez Fundamental High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Vanessa are: Resilient, Dedicated, Sincere, Bright, Responsible. Vanessa is a distinguished scholar athlete in Wrestling at Godinez, and she has completed multiple AP and Dual Enrollment classes. Vanessa will be the first in her family to attend a 4-year university in the Fall, and she plans to pursue a career in education as a math teacher. Vanessa hopes to be able to give back to her community as an educator.

Viviana Lemus

Viviana Lemus graduated from Century High School. While in school she maintained a GPA in the top 10% of her class. Viviana was an active participant of student activates, including AVID and Key Club. She also volunteered daily in the school library. She plans to study Sociology at California State University Fullerton.

Wendy Millan

Wendy Millan graduated from Santa Ana High School. She maintained a 4.5 GPA. As a student, she was highly engaged in many school academic programs such as Orchestra , Mariachi and Tennis. She was selected from students across the country, for the competitive National Security Language Initiative for Youth Grant, allowing her to spend six weeks in the summer in China, living with a family, learning Mandarin and interning with a doctor at a hospital, in the community where she lived. Wendy also volunteered in the community agencies to support children. She plans to study in the field of International Relations at UC Berkeley.

Victoria Flores

Victoria Flores transferred to Valley High school, where she graduated and received recognition as an outstanding scholar. She is attending California State University Long Beach, where she plans to major in criminal justice. Victoria was very involved in community service, participating in Girl Scouts, Red Cross, United HealthCare, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Graduating from college is a major life goal for Victoria, and she wants to be a role model for her younger brothers and other students.

Samantha Contreras

Samantha Contreras is a graduate of Valley High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Samantha are: Resilient, dedicated, intellectual, capable, compassionate. Her high school counselor describes her as one of the most mature teenagers that she has ever known. Samantha plans to go to college and major in science, and her career goal is to become an astrophysicist.

Sergio Escobar

Sergio Escobar is a graduate of Santa Ana High School. He plans to pursue a career in computer science. He has participated in tennis, the Freshmen mentor program and orchestra as the orchestra club representative. He was also a participant of Project Lead the Way. Sergio has previously been chosen as the student of the month, received the Santa Ana High School Certificate of Academic Excellence, and the SAHS Orchestra Saints Espirit de Corps Award. Sergio was active in school extracurricular activities and maintained a 3.9 GPA, Sergio has overcome many personal struggles and has continued to look for ways to stay motivated and positive. Sergio plans to attend California State University Fullerton to study Computer Science.

Tania Herrera

Tania Herrera is a graduate of Cesar E. Chavez High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Tania are: Determined, respectful, bright, responsible, and kind. After college, Tania will pursue a career in forensic science.

Valerie Rojas

Valerie Rojas graduated at Segerstrom High School and has a 3.8 GPA. Although Valerie involved herself in many school activities as well as community service activities to help her community. She played an active role in Link Crew, the Surf team, the California Scholarship Federation, Dr. HOPE and Jags Lend a Paw. She has completed the medical Core class and completed the medical assisting program. She received the Principal’s Honor award and the Citizenship award. Valerie aspires to become a veterinarian and plans to go to medical school. Participating in Medical Core and completing an internship in a medical office has only strengthened her desire to continue her education in the medical field. Valerie plans to attend UC Santa Cruz .

Natasha Garibay

Natasha Garibay is a graduate of Saddleback High School. She maintained a 3.0 GPA and was involved in numerous extracurricular activities like Avid, College Bound, EAOP, and Academic Talent Search to name a few. She was also a founder of a new club called Nuestra Gente that allows students to learn more about and embrace different cultures. Natasha has shown great character in overcoming personal difficulties and continues to work toward her dream of becoming a clinical psychologist.

Nayeli Lopez -Guillen

Nayeli Lopez -Guillen is a graduate of Santa Ana High School. Throughout High School, she maintained a GPA in the top 10% of her class. Natasha participated in ASB and worked to create positive student activities to improve the school student experience. She also was enrolled in CTE courses focused on the medical field when she began to understand the need of knowledgeable medical professionals in her community. She plans to attend Santa Ana College to pursue certification in nursing.

Nayeli Playas

Nayeli Playas graduated from Middle College High School . She took advantage of the dual enrollment opportunities, carried a 4.3 GPA and earned her AA from Santa Ana College. While in high school, Nayeli was an active participant in school clubs such as Medical Core, and also with community agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club. Nayeli also participated in the CTE program completing the medical pathway. Nayeli plans to attend UCLA to pursue a career in the medical field.

Samantha Contreras

Samantha Contreras is a graduate of Valley High School. She maintained a 4.5 GPA . She was also enrolled in college courses at Santa Ana College. While a Valley, she was actively involved in student activities including Mock Trial, Speech and Debate, and Academic World Quest. Samantha was also a member of the Automotive Academy where she had the opportunity to serve an internship as a local automotive agency. Because of this experience, her interest in learning how to “figure it out”, reinforced her desire to continue to study to pursue a field in physics. Samantha was also very engaged in the community, participating in volunteer opportunities. As a first generation college student, she recognized the importance of her commitment to education to be able to support her parent. Samantha plans to attend Boston University.

Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez is a graduate of Middle College High School. He maintained a 4.0 GPA while enrolling dually at Santa Ana College. He was involved in school activities such as the Robotics and Volleyball clubs, and also volunteered in the community to support other students. Luis plans to study Computer Science at California State University Fullerton

Mariah Erving

Mariah Erving is a graduate of Segerstrom High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Mariah are: resilient, determined, compassionate, thoughtful, trustworthy. She plans to attend community college and then transfer to a four year college. Mariah’s goal is to major in music in college and then pursue teaching as a career.

Mariana Juarez

Mariana Juarez is a graduate of Century High School. As a student at Century, she received multiple awards for her academic achievement and community service. She participated in Nicholas Academic Center and was also a member of the EBusiness Academy. Additionally, she worked part time to help support her family. She plans to attend Chapman University with a major in Political Science.

Maybellyn Flores

Maybellyn Flores is a graduate of Century High School where she maintained a 4.1 GPA. She participated in NAC, Academic Talent Search, College Bound and Key club. Maybellyn ‘s experiences in her life that have motivated her to pursue a higher education. She continues to stay positive and look for a better future for herself and her family. She has taken many college courses, honors courses and has volunteered her time whenever possible to help make her community a better place.

Graciela Gomez

Graciela Gomez is a graduate of Godinez Fundamental High School. She held the office of President for CSF and Academic Decathlon, and she was the Godinez representative for SAUSD Student Ambassadors. Graciela was an Intern for Project Youth, and volunteered for Kidworks. Graciela was in the Honor Society, and a California Girls State Delegate. Graciela will attend Chapman University where she will major in Political Science. Her goal is to earn a Juris Doctorate degree and fulfill her dream of becoming a prosecuting attorney.

Jamila Penaloza

Jamila Penaloza is a graduate of Saddleback High School. At Saddleback, she was the Secretary of the National Honors Society, the Key Club, and Quiz Bowl. She was recognized on the Honor Roll and received an Academic Letter, as well as champion of Southern California Martial Arts. Jamila will be attending UCLA with a major in Psychology. Her goal for the future is to help people, specifically teenagers and adolescents, with their mental health through art, by becoming an Art Therapist.

Janet Landa

Janet Landa is a graduate of Middle College High School. As a student an MCHS, she was an active student leader. Co-president of the Pre Med Club, a participant of the Wizard for Water fundraiser to provide water to people in areas in need. She was dually enrolled in college coursework to complete her graduation requirements and also earned her AA degree from Santa Ana College.

Lizbeth Vargas

Lizbeth Vargas is a graduate of Lorin Griset Academy and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Lizbeth are: Resilient, Amazing, Terrific, Smart, Awesome. During high school, she was the only Lorin Griset Academy student to complete three college courses within the dual enrollment program. Lizbeth will be the first member in her family to attend college, and she plans to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Lizbeth also plans to get her Masters Degree.

Crystal Diaz

Crystal Diaz is a graduate of Godinez Fundamental High School. At Godinez, she held the office of ASB Vice President and participated in Key Club. Her honors include receiving the Great Grizzly Award. Crystal highly values the opportunity to go to college, and she believes that a college education is the key to success. Crystal will be attending the University of California, Berkeley and she aspires to pursue a career in firefighting.

Emily Corona

Emily Corona is a graduate of Middle College High School and is the 2020 recipient of the Champion of Character scholarship for her school. The words used to describe Emily are: accomplished, kind, compassionate, humble and selfless. Emily plans to earn a degree in molecular and cellular biology. While attending Middle College, she has earned the Honors Associate of Arts Biotechnology Certificate from Santa Ana College to prepare for her science career.

Eric Padron

Eric Padron is a graduate of Segerstrom High School. Eric was very involved with activities at Segerstrom, including participation on the Wrestling Team, Secretary of the Key Club, Event Coordinator for the Robotics Club, and a member of CollegeBound and Red Cross. Eric has been recognized for his accomplishments, including the Principle’s Honor Role and Academic Letter. He has attained certificates of completion for the UCI Saturday Academy of Law Program, the PLTW Engineering Pathway, and the JPL Professional Internship. Eric will be attending UCS with a major in computer science. Eric’s goal is to create unique artificial intelligence that can aid individuals in everyday tasks.

Franco Chavez

Franco Chavez is a graduate of Middle College High School. At MCHS, Franco distinguished himself as an athlete scholar, participating and receiving trophies in soccer, basketball, and football. He has received Principal’s Scholar academic honors. Franco also volunteered as an assistant sports coach at Willard Intermediate and completed an internship at KidWorks OC. Franco will be attending UCI, where he will major in English and attain a teaching credential. Franco plans to be an English teacher, and he aspires to educate students and make sure they grasp lifelong tools so
they can be applied in their everyday life.

Marilynda Bustamante

Marilynda Bustamante, honor student at Santa Ana Valley HS was the recipient of the Soroptimist International Santa Ana/Tustin, Jan C. Guy Scholarship through the Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation. She is a step closer to becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist with almost two years of study at UCLA. Not only does she maintain her grades with a full load of classes, but works on the UCLA campus to support other students. “My responsibilities include providing culturally relevant personal peer counseling, guidance, and support for UCLA students in order to create self efficacy and student retention.

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I am in charge of planning, programming, and coordinating events focused around issues affecting the well being of our students.”
Frequently connecting with SI Santa Ana/Tustin and the Foundation with gratitude for the financial support,  she continually expresses appreciation for “empowering me to be successful through a college education“.

Edgar M. Contreras

Edgar M. Contreras graduated from Segerstrom High School. As a Jaguar, he managed to balance a rigorous course schedule, extracurricular activities, and even maintained a part- time job. Edgar was an active participant in The Wooden Floor organization for the past nine years. Edgar also has been an active member of the Santa Ana community where he serves as an organizer and supervisor for the children at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Retreat Center. Edgar plans to attend Santa Ana College in the fall and major in Biotechnology.

Marlyn Matus

Marlyn Matus, Valedictorian at Saddleback HS entered UCLA with the dream of becoming a neurologist. Adapting to a physically debilitating disease, she continues her academically challenging journey with success. “I consider a college education one of the greatest gateways for a successful future ; it will prepare me to reach my dreams, and hence, be capable of giving back to my community by helping children who also have neurological disorders”. Marlyn remains grateful to SI SA/T in partnership with the Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation for honoring her with the Jan C. Guy Scholarship.

Elias Herrera

Elias Herrera graduated from Century High School with a cumulative 3.54 GPA. He participated in extracurricular activities such as soccer, volunteering at a local center assisting young students with homework, and has participated in a jury pool for the Orange County Peer Court. Elias has also been a Centurion Honoree all four years of his high school career. He is a very determined, focused, and hard- working student, who plans to pursue a degree in Mathematics.

Oscar Moran

Oscar Moran embodies what Godinez Fundamental is all about. Oscar was distinguished as a Champion of Character and an excellent student in the classroom. Oscar was also a Scholar Athlete as part of the most outstanding basketball team in the history of Godinez High School. Through his academic accomplishments, Oscar has been accepted to Vanguard University where he plans to study Kinesiology. His passion is to work as a Physical Therapist in the sports world, and help athletes recover from their injuries. He has been a model student who has a tremendous bright future.

Monique Damaris Torres

Monique Damaris Torres, a graduate of Valley High School, is determined to attend college and have a successful career. As a young mother with a baby daughter, she has learned to balance academics, school activities, and parenthood. As a track and field athlete or in personal goals, she cites her father as the person who always believed in her and supported her. Monique desires a college education in order to be an independent woman and to give her daughter a good future. She has applied to Cal State Fullerton and Orange Coast College in the field of early childhood education.

Daniel Macias

Daniel Macias has always been considered as an inspired young man who helps others. Even though family issues impacted him and he felt lost and questioned everything he had held important, Daniel persevered and was able to address personal issues and regain the stability and support he needed to continue to excel. Having regained his abilities and dreams, Daniel was accepted at Azusa-Pacific University where he will major in social work.

Melissa Arias

Melissa Arias graduated from Segerstrom High School with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 and a weighted GPA of 4.5 due to her completion of many accelerated (AP) classes. She was a member of the California Scholarship Federation, was on the Principals’ Honor Roll, received awards for perfect attendance and was recognized as an AP Scholar. Melissa’s volunteer work ranges from working with South Coast Repertory, Ronald McDonald Charities, Bowers Museum, Walk for Autism Speaks and float decorator for the Rose Parade. She will be entering UCLA in the fall majoring in English. Melissa wishes to become a writer. Melissa was awarded the Jan C. Guy Soroptimist International of Santa Ana/Tustin Scholarship.

Janet Ortega

Janet is the older of two children, immigrated to the United States at six years old. With strong support and encouragement from her parents, Janet worked hard in school and is the first in her family to graduate from high school and go to college. Janet continues to push herself to achieve her goal of becoming a registered nurse.

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She would like to specialize in Pediatric Oncology and treat children who are suffering from cancer. In her first semester at SAC she received a 3.4 GPA and is part of the Freshmen Experience program. Janet was recently awarded an Adelante Year Two Scholarship. Janet has already started researching four-year universities and she plans to transfer and enroll in an RN program. Janet is a focused and determined young lady whose parents are very proud of her achievements.

Janet is maintaining enrollment at Santa Ana College during the spring 2015 semester, and demonstrates persistence despite challenges faced during the fall 2014 semester. She continues taking courses leading to earning an Associate of Science degree in Medical Assistance and anticipates completing the requirements in December of 2015. Janet is motivated to succeed and is also taking bank teller courses to increase her chances of entering the workforce after graduation. She adds, “because of the scholarship I was able to purchase the textbooks I needed for my classes.”

Dario A. Navarro

Dario A. Navarro is an Adelante Scholarship award winner, made possible through the Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation. As a first-generation college student at Santa Ana College, Dario is determined to become an Orthodontist. He continues to take courses necessary to transfer to University of California, Irvine (UCI)

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and receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. “I am excited to be one year away from transferring,” added Dario. Aside from his academic responsibilities, he is engaged on campus and forms part of the Adelante Club and Student Ambassador program. His hard work and dedication is fueled by his devotion to help his family and have a better future. He believes, “working hard is key to success…I will continue to strive to accomplish my dream of one day having a degree to help those around me.”

Jesus Guerrero

Jesus Guerrero is an Adelante Scholarship award winner, made possible through the Santa Ana Public School Foundation. His goals and aspirations have been influenced by the “big hopes of a better life” that his parents had for him and his siblings. He became a curios and hardworking young man who’s determination lead him to graduate with honors form Saddleback High School in 2012.

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Jesus is the first in his family to attend college. He is very grateful to the Adelante Program for providing further direction, motivation, and financial support to help him achieve his goal of completing his first two years of higher education at Santa Ana College. Jesus became well-rounded and developed his leadership skills as a student Senator of the Associated Student Government and as a graduate of the 2013 Student Leadership Institute. Jesus now describes himself as outgoing, energetic, determined, and ambitious. He has successfully transferred to San Francisco State where he continues to reach his goals.

Adam Santana

Adam Santana is a graduate of Century High School. At Century, Adam was in the top 10% of his class. He anticipated on the Varsity Baseball Team from 2016– 2020, and he was elected Team Captain and recognized as Orange League MVP in the 2019 season. Adam has been involved in school orientation programs for incoming students, provided tutoring in math, and has received recognition as student and athlete of the month. Adam plans to attend Chapman University, with a major in mathematics. Adam’s goal is to become a math teacher and to change the culture of math at home and in the classroom.