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Garden Business and Digital Storytelling

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Tyler Nilsson and Hugo Vazquez;

Adult transition, Saddleback High School Adult Transition Program

Students in Tyler Nilsson’s Transition Program at Saddleback discovered the amount of work that goes into growing food and the work ethic required. The grant was used to establish a school garden that can be used in many different facets of the adult transition program. The raised beds can be accessed by students with different abilities and can be cared for by many of the parts of the Transition program. Once the garden was established, the students learned to care for and harvest the plants and vegetables. A sense of pride and confidence comes from growing your own food. There are many positive health benefits to gardening and will help establish healthier food choices for students throughout their lives. In Hugo Vazquez’ class, students used the ipads acquired through the grant to develop scripts and create short films. The goal of this project was to support the development of independence and functional post-secondary skills, including: 1. demonstrating the ability to create a novel story 2. increasing self awareness and skill level in the areas of workplace skills, and 3. use technology to produce individual and shared projects. The video of the Garden Business project was created by Hugo Vazquez’ students.