Complete meal

Susan Groff, science teacher at Middle College High School, has purchased “SWIVL”, a Robo Camera, enabling her to record lessons for better student review as they learn and implement key science principles.


MCHS Global Perspectives students used the Swivl Robot to and document their Hunger Banquet while circulating and interacting with classmates.

Swivl Robot

The funds from the mini grant were used to purchase a Swivl Robot. The Swivl system enables students and teachers to capture presentations and/or lessons using a tablet or Smartphone. Additionally, the presentations/lessons are stored in the cloud for easy access. The presenter wears a marker to send a signal to the Swivl Robot, and it then follows the presenter as they move to another location within the room. The Swivl system was used in our Global Perspectives class when they were conducting a Hunger Banquet for their classmates.

Global Perspectives students planned and organized a Hunger Banquet to raise awareness of hunger issues world-wide. The class was divided into 3 groups, proportionately representing those who receive a complete meal with a protein, rice and beans, the second group received rice and beans, and the third group was only provided with rice. Students drew a ticket to determine which meal they would receive and where they would be placed.

The presenters used the Swivl Robot to record their initial presentation and assess their interaction with the various groups of students who were seated in different areas of the room. Presenters circulated among students as they ate their respective meals and shared their opinions and thoughts regarding the disparity between groups.  The Swivl system allowed students to document candid comments and behaviors in a comfortable and authentic manner. The equipment is user friendly, compact and nonintrusive within the classroom. The marker is easily transferred between students providing a smooth transition between presenters and students.

Presenters reviewed their presentation and reflected upon the lesson using the video to evaluate and assess the level of engagement within the classroom. The Swivl Robots provided an opportunity for students to observe and identify areas of strength and weakness within their presentation. Furthermore, students provided feedback and discussed ideas for improvement. Overall, the initial use of the Swivl system by the students was positive; it will be utilized more frequently to develop on-line lessons and class presentations.

Thank you for providing the funds to purchase the equipment to improve learning and create a more engaging environment. The Swivl Robot will be utilized more in the upcoming year.


Susan Groff