Century Race Team, is a part of Century High School Engineering Design Academy, as an after school club activity open to all students of Century High School. Using  performance engineering, the goal of the team is to instill teamwork, foster creative thinking, and learning the tools of the 21st century to design and build a solar performance vehicles.

The students started with learning common hand and power tools as well as high technology computer programs such as Soldiworks and the use of 3D printers, crating detailed design briefs, the design process, engineering concepts and their related mathematical formulas, marketing, fabrication, and graphic design while constantly looking to modify a design to improve performance.

 The Engineering Design Academy, Solar Electric Car, built by the Race Team Club needs a data acquisition system. It is the missing “main tool” that is used to measure, calculate and improve the performance of the car. Your donation will ignite the “Unstoppable 1” to victory in the upcoming Energy Invitational.

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